Favorite Lodging Options:

Airbnb Referral Link – Use this link to book your first Airbnb, and save $40! (and we get a $20 referral fee)

Booking.com Referral Link – Use this link to book your first accommodation on Booking.com, and we both get a $20 discount!

Favorite Vlogs, Blogs, and Podcasts:

Kara and Nate – We may have a slight addiction to Kara and Nate’s YouTube Channel.  We love the way that they present their adventures!

The Way Away – Follow Josh and Ashely as they traverse the globe!  Here’s a direct link to their YouTube Channel.

The Endless Adventure – Eric and Allison are another one of our favorite vlogging travel couples.  Here’s the link to their YouTube Channel.

Vagabrothers – We love the way that the Vagabrothers present their travel adventures!  Check out their YouTube Channel.

Extra Pack of Peanuts – Our favorite travel podcast!  Trav and Heather are so entertaining to listen to!  We’ve killed hours and hours on roadtrips stocking up on their travel tips.

Zero to Travel – Jason’s travel podcast is another good one if you’re looking to add more travel to your life in an affordable way!

Location Indie – Trav from Extra Pack of Peanuts and Jason from Zero to Travel join forces on this podcast, discussing various ways to become location independent.

Favorite Travel Guides:

Rick Steves – We love Rick Steves’ PBS shows, but what we love most are his travel guides!  We buy his guides for anywhere in Europe that we plan to visit.  Each guide book includes DIY walking tours that lead you to some of the best hidden gems Eruope has to offer.

Lonely Planet – If Rick doesn’t have a guide for our travel destination, we pick Lonely Planet’s version.

Travel Hackers:

Here’s a list of links to some of our favorite travel hacking sites.  These guys and girls will help teach you all about the latest and greatest travel credit cards, mistake fares, and more to help you curb your travel costs.

The Frugal Travel Guy

Million Mile Secrets

The Points Guy

Scott’s Cheap Flights


Amazon – Most of our travel and vlogging gear comes from Amazon.  If you use our affiliate link to buy any of the items mentioned on our site, we get a small commission.  Thanks!