How to get to one of the most remote National Park Sites in the Lower 48 States, Rainbow Bridge National Monument- Lake Powell.
Rainbow Bridge National Monument in Utah is one of the World’s largest Natural Bridges. It is also very remote. There are two ways to get to the Monument, a 17-18 mile hike, or a 50+ mile ride via boat to the loading dock at the bridge.
Designated as a National Monument in 1910 by President William Howard Taft, Rainbow Bridge (the world’s largest known natural bridge) is 290 feet from the base to the top of the arch.  That’s almost the height of the Statue of Liberty (305′)!  Further, it spans 275 feet across the river, and the top of the arch is 42 feet thick and 33 feet wide.

A great excursion near Page, az

Enjoy the day cruising the lake.

Most of Lake Powell lies in Utah, but the Marina housing the boat that serves as the mode of transportation to the bridge is located just outside Page, Arizona

The 5+ Hour round trip journey via boat to the Bridge is breathtaking and surreal. Many movies and television shows have had parts shot here and it is easy to see why.


My boat tour left the docks at 7:00 a.m. and had us to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument around 9:45 a.m. Boat Tour Rates and Schedule can be found here.

The hike to the monument (1 mile) is in an easterly direction where you will find the monument with strong back-light from the early morning sun which is likely to washout the blue skies in your photograph. This can be fixed with using hdr settings on IPhone and using a app that takes away haze.


Slot Canyons Meet the Deep Water of the Lake
The tour of Lake Powell is almost the climax of the entire day. Almost…
The Hike begins at the dock. Once unloaded you make your way down a path and through the canyon on dry land. Once you come around a couple of bends in the trail you will see what you came for.

You will only have about an hour to explore and then get back to the boat to return to Lake Powell Resort. 

Do not worry, this is plenty of time for all the pictures you want and have a trail snack or lunch. 

 Lake Powell Resort and Marina are located about 4 Hours north of Phoenix and about the same distance from Las Vegas. 

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Lake Powell Marina